Introduction to Film Hub

As a nascent film buff in high school, I introduced myself to the elementary art house films, shared bad movie nights with friends, and stayed up until 6am if Turner Classic Movies was airing something I knew wasn’t on video (post-VCR, pre-DVR). On my first solo trip to New York at age 17, my itinerary was based around seeking out Film Forum for my first ever repertory film experience (a 35mm screening of Polanski’s “Repulsion”).

My obsession with old movies led me to two degrees in cinema studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a stint in Paris, the repertory film capital of the world. New York’s repertory film world recently expanded, with three or four brand new or newly renovated movie houses dedicated to repertory, art house or alternative screenings. Even during the relatively fallow decade I spent in New York, there were dozens of old movies to see every week, from cult classics to European art house to rare silents.

I recently moved from New York to Boston, and like most New York movie snobs I assumed that my days of seeing old movies on the big screen were over. I’ve been so surprised and grateful to discover that the Boston area has a ton of options for classic and alternative cinema, and some beautiful screening rooms and facilities. Without any surviving alt-weeklies or a central location like NYC’s indispensable Screen Slate, finding out what’s playing at each of Boston’s indie theaters requires remembering to bookmark and check the irregularly-updated websites of each of the area’s movie houses.

In a selfless effort to support the work of these people keeping repertory film alive in New England, I will do all the research for you and give you simple, easy-to-read listings of all the repertory, alternative, and midnight screenings in the area.  I’ll post each week’s listings on Friday morning, and shine a spotlight on movies you don’t want to miss when they are on the big screen.

If you know of other venues or screenings that I’m missing, or have any other advice or recommendations for how this site can be most useful to you, please feel free to write to me and let me know.

See you at the movies!


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